Spa and wellness services at The Hotel Telluride are designed for complete relaxation and rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit. Our services and products are inspired by nature and the healing opportunities therein. Our signature massage oil is seasonally produced from wild-sourced plants found in the San Juan Mountains. This medicinal herbal massage oil in combination with therapeutic massage produces a soothing, calming effect on the nervous system, an increase in overall circulation, an increase in endorphins, and a balancing of all the body's physiological and energy systems; creating overall effects of good health and well-being.

Our signature therapeutic massage is completely customized for areas of concern, levels of pressure, and technique. Our other high frequency services, such as the gemstone balancing massage, offer the highest quality products, therapists, and service protocols. Our spa and wellness therapists are certified, experienced and sincerely caring; striving toward providing exceptional guest service and a sanctuary of well-being for our guests.

Spa Services at The Hotel Telluride feature two spa service rooms, a fitness center with private steamshower; and two outdoor hottubs. Our spa service rooms are quietly secluded one each on the first and third floors of the hotel; equipped for yoga therapy, massage, facials and more. Please book your appointment in advance by contacting